Tole Red Two


1984, by Annie Richardson, 24 pages, Tole Red Two.

Country Corner Designs:
Country Daisies
Strawberry Crock
Watermelon Bust
Abraham and Sarah
Apple Crate Pigs
Speaking of Gifts:
Dad’s Decoy Box
Nancy’s Jewelry Box
Hot Air Balloon Pillow
Teddy Bear Cart
A Gift for Teacher
Holiday Memories:
Plum Pudding
Christmas Express
Be My Valentine
Lucky O’Leary
Cousin Liberty
that’s My Heritage:
German Spice Cupboard
Danish Bridal Box
Swiss Floral Plate
Russian Bottle
English Tea Box
Quickies for Fun and Profit:
Cat Weathervane
Missy Mouse Weathervane
Christmas Bow Bells
Lily Ladybug Pencil Holder
Country Tin Berries

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