The Glass Giraffe, Volume 2


22 patterns for tole and decorative painting. Unusual painting surfaces adds to the creativity of these beautiful pieces. Sherry’s unique ink and paint designs lend a special depth to her projects.

The Glass Giraffe
The Leopard
The Lioness
The Big-horned Sheep
The Baby Goat
The Roadrunner
Seashells in an Oval
The Seashell Box
Seashells in Wicker
The Least “Peep”
Butterflies in an Antique Frame
Bumblebees on a Breadbox
Scaled Quail
Eastern Bluebird
Victorian Wild Rose
Little Brown Mutt
The Cocker Spaniel Puppy
You Are My Rose
The Great Horned Owl
Also: Seashells, Wild Rose

1980, by Sherry C. Nelson, 82 pages.

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