Simplicity 8235


Loose fitting ladies’ *double breasted shirt with front button or snap closing has back pleated to yoke, extended shoulders, and long sleeves with button or snap cuffs. Choose collar and band **cut-in-one or a band collar. Optional detachable button-on bow. Simplicity 8235, Easy To Sew.

*A double breasted means a coat, jacket, or vest with wide, overlapping front flaps which has on its front two symmetrical columns of buttons; by contrast, a single-breasted item has a narrow overlap and only one column of buttons.

**Cut in one, in-one or cut-in-one, means the piece being described will join the main piece without a seam, as they are designed to be one piece. For example, a collar cut-in-one with the front means they are cut together and not seamed together.

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