Simplicity 4758


Drapery sewing patterns and *cut-by-suggestion instructions to guide you through cutting and sewing your own draperies or curtains. Two styles have a built-in valance effect. Redecorate your home with your own creations using our curtain sewing patterns! Waverly, Butterick 4758.

*Cut-by-suggestion means there are no tissue sewing pattern pieces to lay down on a piece of fabric and cut out. Instead, instructions are given so that no matter how large or small you need your item to be, all you have to do is determine the size you want your finished item to be, then plug those numbers into the instructions. For instance, why should a pattern company include a tissue pattern for a curtain that will be 100″ x 60″? That would be a huge, unweildy piece of tissue that will be difficult for your to maneuver. It’s easier just to measure the fabric and follow the instructions provided. The same instructions would apply whether the curtain will be 100″ x 60″ or 80″ x 40″. Just plug in your numbers, and follow the instructions. Cut-by-suggestion instructions are usually provided when the pattern piece would be extra large and/or with straight lines.This is usually done by sewing companies when the pattern piece would be extra large with straight lines.

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