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Sew a child’s costume. The Wizard of Oz costume sewing pattern includes paper patterns and instructions to guide you through making awesome one-piece Halloween costumes. They have long *set-in sleeves, back loop and button closures, pull-on pants with elastic at the waist, separate mittens, and booties. The lion has a head piece, shoulder cover, and tail. The scarecros has a head cover shaped like a funnel on top. The scarecrow has a head piece with a pointed scarecros hat, hay collar, and hay sticking out from under the ends of the sleeves and legs. Make a Scarecrow, Lion, and Tinman costumes for Halloween parties, trick-or-treat, a school play,or just for fun. Simplicity, The Wizard of Oz, Simplicity 4133, 2006.

*What can I say about set-in sleeves? Back in the day, that is, in the 1960s, when I began to sew, the method of sewing set-in sleeves was just that – the sleeve was set into the armhole. The side seams, shoulder seams, and sleeve seams were stitched first, then a gathering thread was put in the cap of the sleeve, and we had to ease in the sleeve, and sew it in the round. Thank goodness for whoever it was that figured out It’s a whole bunch easier to add the sleeve when the sleeve and blouse pieces were both flat, then stitch up the sleeve and side seams all in one seam motion. Revolutionary!

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