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Vintage 1950. Pillow Cases, Decorative Crochet. Dramatic edgings for your pillowcases. Southern Belles, big rambling roses, etc. J.&.P. Coats-Clark’s O.N.T. Book No. 264. Softcover, 7?” x 10?”, 16 pages.

Crocheted edgings on pillowcases, crocheted doilies, a hand made apron – all of those were prized wedding shower gifts – unlike the cold, impersonal bridal registries of today. Cherishing someone else’s needlework and time, these are just another sad relic of simpler times.

This was a very popular book in my family back in the 1950s. It contained the most beautiful pillowing case edgings of them all!

This book even has two separate crinoline ladies, or southern belles – my favorite!

Rambling Rose”-312
Floral Gem”-319
Rose Whirl”-313
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”-314
Wild Rose Scroll”-315
Orchid Interlude”-321
Petal Pyramid”-309
Pineapple Walk”-308

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