Doilies To Treasure


intage 1940s-50s, Lily Book 1600. Softcover, 7?” x 10?”, 23 pages.

26 lovely projects to choose from”-
12px;No.- Doily Set”Rose-In-Bloom”
No.- Clover-Leaf Doily
No.- Doily In Filet Crochet “Thistles In The Garden”
No.- Doily in “Shadow Filet”
No.- Doily Set “Hostess Delight”
No.- Vanity Set “P{ineapple…All In A Whirl”
No.- Table Doily Set “Sheer Witchery”
No.- Centerpiece in Shadow Filet “Friendship Plume”
No.- Frilly Centerpiece
No. 10 – Table Doily Set “Checks With A Delicate Air”
No. 11 – Davenport Set “Strategic Stripes”
No. 12 – Refreshment Set “Time Out For Refreshments”
No. 13 – 3 Sherbert Doilies “Party Frills”
No. 14 – Centerpiece in “Crocheted Cut-Work”
No. 15 – Doily”Ruffles Run Riot”
No. 16 – Breakfast Table Doily Set”Pick A Daisy”
No. 17 – Table Doily Set “Rippling Stripes”
No. 18 – Buffet Doily Set “Star of Them All”
No. 19 – Buffet Scarf “Tomorrow’s Heirloom”
No. 20 – Table Scarf in Filet Crochet
No. 21 – Breakfast Tray Set “Good Morning, Dear”
No. 22 – Bread Tray Doily “Service Frills”
No. 23 – Doily Set “Breakfast In the Garden”
No. 24 – Place Mat for the small Fry”Pete ‘N Tweet!”
No. 25 – Coaster Refreshment Set”Pretty Props”
No. 26 – Three-In-A-Row “Trio-Tricks”

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